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Chinese Medicine & Lyme Disease Pt.1: Lyme Disease Review from a Western Perspective

Rebecca Berkson, L.Ac, Dipl.OM, will certainly instruct you the Chinese medication viewpoint on Lyme illness, as well as exactly how acupuncture and also Chinese natural medication can assist sustain the body’s very own body immune system to attain overall recuperation.

Lyme condition individuals that are detected early as well as obtain appropriate therapy normally recuperate quickly and also entirely.

Lyme condition is a tick-borne microbial health problem that can trigger skin, heart, anxious and also joint system troubles. It can be challenging to make a precise and also fast medical diagnosis and also some individuals might experience significant signs consisting of muscle mass and also joint discomfort, tiredness as well as cognitive fancy years after the infection. There are actions you can take to assist minimize these signs and symptoms.